Pods are transported to site in a secure curtain sided vehicle, fully protected from the elements. The pod structure allows lifting from the top for faster installation, and our user-friendly Caster System allows quick and efficient moving of pods while on-site.

Pods are programmed to be constructed for just-in-time deliveries. If our programme exceeds that of the contractors readiness for delivery and installation, any completed pod project is kept protected inside a building prior to being delivered to site

The pods can be installed in one hour using just two operatives and our user-friendly Caster System. Each pod is clearly labelled for your reference and easy installation.

Once craned into the building they can be wheeled and lowered into position with our Caster System. Alternatively, and for quicker placement the pods can be lifted from the top and let down into the final position.

A training session is provided to the Site Managers prior to delivery and our dedicated line manager for your project will be available for remote assistance throughout the installation period.

Project turnaround times depend on each project’s bespoke requirements but generally from concept to delivery we can produce fully fitted pods within a 16 week timeframe.

Crucially, utilising the PORTEUS pod system gives you programme certainty, taking multiple trades off-site and out of your programme’s critical path.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a programme estimate and quote for your next project.

We can produce both floorless pods and a fully finished pod with any client specified flooring. Where a pod floor is required the pod floor is formed with a 6-8mm steel plate with the floor finish then applied to the plate in the factory.

Absolutely, as each pod is bespoke we can work to any specification. We also provide alternative equal or approved options to take advantage of our buying power with our own supply chain, for commercially competitive pricing.