Transforming Construction: Porteus Pods’ Impact Across High-Rise Residences, Hotels, and Student Accommodation

20th February 2024

Embracing offsite construction has become a transformative force in the global building landscape, Porteus Pods have become major players in this market shift. In this article, we delve into three diverse sectors that spotlight the extensive reach of Porteus Pods’ clientele.

High-Rise Residential

High-rise residential units have emerged as a primary solution to the escalating demand for new housing in rapidly expanding cities. However, traditional construction methods often grapple with delays, labour shortages, and material scarcities. The adoption of offsite volumetric construction has gained momentum, boasting a reported 50% increase in speed compared to traditional methods. Porteus Pods has actively contributed to this shift, supplying a range of pods for various high-rise residential projects, including the provision of all bathrooms at the Hub’s high-rise tower, Abbey Place, and another project in Maidenhead. Collaborating with forward-thinking developers, Porteus Pods reinforces the idea that modular construction is not only faster but also smarter, safer, and environmentally sustainable.


The hospitality sector has also reaped the benefits of pod construction, with hotels forming a significant portion of Porteus’ client base. Over the years Porteus have supplied high-quality bathroom pods to renowned establishments such as the Radisson Blu and the Maldon Hotel. While Porteus focuses on bathrooms, other industry players are pushing the boundaries by constructing an impressive 99% of each hotel room off-site in a factory. This approach not only streamlines the construction process but also yields profitability per square meter, twice that of comparable upscale hotels.

Student Accommodation

Offsite pod construction has found favour in the student accommodation sector, offering a rapid and versatile solution for producing repeat units. Porteus Pods played a role in the Dunlin Village at the University of Galway, delivering 674 bathroom pods to the new university halls of residence, which opened in late December 2023. The ongoing demand for quick, cost-effective, and quality residences in the student housing community positions offsite construction as an excellent solution.

These showcased projects in high-rise residential, hospitality, and student accommodation highlight the adaptability, efficiency, and sustainability inherent in modular construction. As the demand for faster, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious building methods continues to grow, prefabricated construction stands poised to lead the way in architectural innovation and efficiency.